The Conditions of Your Ground for Fencing by Fencing Company Austin

Fencing Company Austin

Before installing your fence, it is necessary to know the conditions of the ground where you will install your new fence. It is a well-known fact by the fencing company Austin. There are so many things to consider before fencing, not only the shape, size, and design of your fence. Let’s hear about them now:


Digging is the first thing you must start with for fence installation. The fencing cost will rise when your ground is not soft enough for digging. The fence installer typically uses a bobcat attachment or a skid steer, a handheld drill, etc., for digging holes in the ground. Hammering may be required for some of the fences after the digging.

If the ground isn’t soft, it will be tough to complete. But, if the ground is full of concrete, large gravel, or the ground is very tough, it becomes very problematic to install the fence. You will have to waste a lot of time on it, which will also cost you huge money.

Problems Of Holes

If there is a problem after digging the holes, as if the holes are collapsing, you will have to support the holes using other things. The cardboard can be a great help here to keep the hole’s shape unchanged. Besides, it will need some more digging as well as more money. You may ask the reason behind the collapse of the holes. Maybe the ground’s dirt is very loose, sandy, etc., which will cost you a lot.

Underground Power Lines 

Usually, the power lines of your gas, phone, etc., remain underground. So, before you start digging a place for your gas lines, you will have to be sure about the positions of these things. You cannot begin digging there for your fence if you know their locations. Moreover, you will have to choose other places for your fence or use the fence panel above ground. It is the most secure option for you. Digging the place with power lines may cause colossal destruction. So, it is better to avoid those places and not use the upper ground for entertainment or sitting areas.


High Water Table

The high-water table and the fence line don’t go along very well. Because it will not let the digging or excavation of the hole be smooth, you will not be able to work with the traditional footing in a site with a high water table. There is a need to find an alternative way. Things like screw piles will work in the places well.


Hydrovac is a very safe option for digging holes in your ground. It is not like the ordinary digging of the grounds. You will have to spend enough money to hire a fence installer with a hydro-vac option. The holes coming from it are more extensive, and you will need more concrete to fill them. The safety you will get from it is expensive.

Consult With the Professional Fence Installer 

The fence installer Austin can only provide you with the necessary direction after knowing the conditions of your ground. If it is too soft, there are different options. The same is for the complex grounds too. Professionals have faced issues like these a lot, so it is not a big deal for them to solve your problem.

You can help yourself to reduce costs. If you have inspected your ground and the positions of the power lines, the fence contractor will get a lot of help from it. However, the professionals will have a thorough check-up before installing your fence. But as a homeowner, you have more knowledge about the conditions of the house.

Concluding Thoughts

The ground is the most critical object in installing a fence smoothly. Because the ground is not supportive enough, you will have to take a few steps to make the fence installation strong if there is any problem in the ground. Otherwise, you can just go for regular fencing on your property!

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